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Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the perfect solution for small and medium sized web sites. Each client gets an allocated disk space on a powerful, professionally managed server with fast connectivity, redundant power, and physical security for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.

Shared hosting packages are available on both Linux or Windows.

Linux Packages

Windows Packages

Linux or Windows hosting?

We recommend shared hosting on our Linux servers for a greater stability, performance and security.

The main reason to use windows hosting is when you need Windows dependent technologies like ASP, Access, ...
Our Windows hosting are more expensive because of the required licences and the higher maintenance cost.
Be sure you absolutely need a windows hosting since similar technologies to run databases (MySQL, Postgres, ...) exist for the Unix/Linux platform and are more cost effective due to their reliability & stability.

The price difference between Linux and Windows hosting is not related to quality or performance. The reason why Windows hosting is more expensive is because of the expensive licences and the need of more powerfull hardware for the same performance. Read more on the differences between Linux and Windows 2000 hosting. est un site de UniWeb sprl dédié aux noms de domaines. "Uninames" est une marque déposée par UniWeb.
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